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Thursday, 21 October 2010
TwitMix Playlist @en

Hi friends,

here we are to introduce you a very HOT Theme: the TwitMix Theme –  Lust.

Go & buy, now, red roses, light candles & call your sweet half as well.

This playlist is totally yours

@lelebux Il Genio – Pop Porno

@pianistantie Madonna – Erotica

@PieceOfStar24 Madonna – Justify My Love

@_PaRRoT_ Billy More – Up and Down

@ClaudiaBaglioni Touch & go – Straight to number one

@Valeriotta_ The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Touch-a touch-a touch me

@_CarlaQ_ Mina – L’importante è finire

@torefettuccia Queen – Body Language

@la__splendida Bryan Adams – Let’s Make a night to remember

@MateMar Samantha Fox – Touch me

And now…what are you looking for? Leave a message & share your emotions with us!


© 2010, Antonella Corsetti. All rights reserved.

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