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Tuesday, 02 November 2010
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Hi guys!

A new month and a new TwitMix week as well are ready for you, lots of news will be shared!

Now it’s time for us to show  the new TwitMix Theme.

Locandina Twitmix Themes

Just a click to discover it.

Days are gettin’ shorter and we’d like to stay more on bed, gettin’ rest, and we need a valid reason to open our eyes & let the day start: music can help us.

So, friends, the weekly TwitMix Theme is: Wake Up!

You can share the song you love listening to when you wake up in the morning and that makes you think positive!

Write the details of the song you like best on Twitter mentioning @pianistantie @PieceOfStar24 @Twit_Mix or on the page Send your song


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