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Wednesday, 03 November 2010
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Welcome TwitMixers,

we are proud to introduce you the Italian group of the year : the Decò.

We want to share here with you their first album: La stanza dei colori (2010 EMMEVI MUSIC S.r.l.).


Marco e Matteo Visonà are two twins who live near Vicenza, they share a deep love for music.

They worked hard for their brilliant carreer & they followed for six years playing drums & guitar big artists, creating their path as authors & composers as well, working with big labels.

On 2005 EMMEVI MUSIC S.r.l. was born & they created their own project: the DECO’ with  Stefano Florio (B.Cobham, L.Dalla, Frankie Hi Nrg).

Decò comes from the parisienne Art déco, because according to Marco e Matteo, as they said once, music is a kind of decorative art of life.


On 2009 Fantastica was born. A few months later, on 2010, a new single Sospesi nel vento, taken from the album La stanza dei colori. During last summer The Decò sang on tour their new single C’è un tempo and, just now, since 08th October 2010, welcoming the Autumn season, Il mondo da qui.

La stanza dei colori

La stanza dei colori is a typical Italian Pop album but sometimes it has a rhytm that is close to Rock.

The door of  Visonà brothers is not closed, as it’s shown on the CD cover, but it’s open, the listener can feel free to enter the room where there’s no noice and he can listen to the awesome show played by the hand of music God.

There are lots of magic songs, gentle & romantic ballads make a mix with strong and energetic songs.

Since the first song, Fantastica, you can appreciate a joyful pop/rock, that seems to light up the room with amazing colours; such a nice riff in Sospesi nel vento, a magical pop track .

Aspetto il Sole is a sunny pop song. The ballad, masterpiece of the album is Il mondo da qui, melancholic rhytm, deep lyrics & romantic as well, it can be the most played song on charts.

An original cover of De Gregori with Sempre e per sempre can create a magic moment.

La stanza dei colori is a hypnotic album, delight for your ears & one you can depend on: its sunny freshness is so hot. Its lyrics are simple, direct, and they remind real situations, that help the Decò to feel closer their fans.

La stanza dei colori gives to Decò the keys for success.

The musical adventure with Marco & Matteo Visonà it’s not ending here…


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