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Tuesday, 21 December 2010
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Angela Little, the singer of ‘Australia’ is on the TwitMix Project

Hi TwitMixers,
we are proud to introduce you a great singer: Angela Little, the real soul of Australia the masterpiece of Baz Luhrmann.

Let’s go and read what Angela told us, but watch this video first to meet Angela and her surprise…

You are ready now to read the amazing interview…

Angela, welcome to the TwitMix Project. Italy met you for the first time thanks to Baz Luhrmann’s movie Australia. Why don’t we talk about that experience?

Working on ‘Australia’ was a wonderful and life-changing experience! Getting to see music that I had arranged and co-written performed by a 100-piece orchestra was one of the biggest buzzes of my life. Baz himself was a great inspiration to me – he is a person who truly believes nothing is impossible and he creates the desire to strive beyond what you think you can achieve. I grew so much through that experience!

You are the co-writer and singer of the film’s love song “By the Boab Tree”, it seems you caught the heart of the whole film. It’s such an amazing song. What does this song mean to you?

Well the idea of ‘By The Boab Tree’ was to capture the spirit of the love story in the film, and also the spirit of our beautiful land Australia. The central idea of the song was that our stories live on in the land, so that even when we are gone, our stories remain. It was a beautiful idea, and that was what inspired the lyrics. It was the idea that the story of our lives and loves is reflected in the eternal cycles of nature, in the rain, the sun, the colour in the sky, and the earth beneath our feet.

The Australia adventure is so important to you: you created the orchestral arrangement for Elton John’s song “The Drover’s Ballad”, which also featured on the end credits of the film. Were you excited?

Very excited! It was quite surreal. Although I must admit I didn’t get the chance to meet him during the process. But being a piano player myself, I have always loved his music and it was an absolute privilege to be asked by Baz to do the orchestral arrangement for the song.

Your own project Ophelia of the Spirits released two indipendent EP’s and you got several awards. Do you want to tell us why that name?

I chose the name actually largely because of the film ‘Juliet of the Spirits’ by your very own famous Italian director Federico Fellini! The other part of the name was from the character of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet.’ I chose this name because I saw that the stories of both these women were similar but with very different endings. Both Juliet and Ophelia strive hard to please a man who does not return their love nor respect them, however Ophelia drowns in the river, and Juliet regains her strength and independence. I was interested in that journey at the time, and was seeking to express it through my songs.

With your latest project “Fire” you want to create a magic celtic atmosphere, mixed with influences from Asia to Middle East, that can talk about ancient and unachievable past. What do you expect from this new project?

‘Fire’ is a very exciting project for me. It feels like the kind of music I always wanted to be involved in. It’s taken me some time to get to this stylistic point, and I’m certainly still developing and growing all the time, but it does feel right. I’m also fascinated by mythology and anything to do with the fantastical. We are planning to do some touring with the show next year, and turn it into a pretty special live experience.

We appreciated Newgrange from “Celtic Fire”, a very tribal song, it seems you want to share the secret of Nature, your ethereal voice is a kind of divine. How was this song born?

Thank you! Yes there is certainly a sense of reverence for nature, almost pagan or ritualistic sense to this song, which I love – however the song was not actually written by me! It’s a song originally written and performed by Clannad, the very famous Irish band. However my version is very different to the original, which is not tribal at all! I visited the ancient site of Newgrange a couple of years ago and was deeply struck by the history of the place. It was a site of ancient humanity – amazing. So when I heard this song and was working on this project, it seemed very natural to include it.

Through the lines you wrote on your own blog, you said something marvellous about genius “personally I know the feeling that when something really good comes, often it feels like it’s coming through me, not from me”. We share your point of view. So what’s Art for you?

That’s a big question! And I guess the best way to answer it is to say that, to me, Art is an expression of life. That’s why it’s not about trying to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, because the essential meaning of Art is the journey of discovery you take to create it.  Ultimately my ability to create is completely linked to my appreciation of life and my belief in a sense of flow in the universe around me which allows that wellspring to keep filling up with new thoughts, ideas and experiences!

How do you live the moment of inspiration?

By letting go of my ego. And when I say that I mean the ego in every way – sometimes the ego works in reverse to tell you you can’t do something, which is probably the biggest creative block of all. So when I hit my stride and get inspired, I let go of all of that and feel that incredible energy flowing and just trust what’s happening.

Do you remember the moment when you felt part of music for the first time?

I don’t really remember it, but my mother always tells me that when I was four years old and had just started school, I dragged her over to the music room where the school band was practising and pointed at a kid playing the violin and said ‘I want to play that’. I think she ignored me the first time but when I did it again she decided she’d better let me try it! I’ve been obsessed with music ever since!

You are not just an artist, you have a deep soul, listening to your song and knowing your personality is a good way to calm down and ask ourselves about life, ancient mythologies, humanity, mystic and sacred: values overwhelmed by the emptiness of our society. What’s the message you want to share with our TwitMixers?

Thank you! Sometimes I have to remind myself to do exactly what you have described above. I guess the message to share is that it’s so easy to get lost in the frenetic world we have created for ourselves today and just run around stressed all the time wondering what it all means. But an essential appreciation of life is very simple – it’s important to remember that each of our lives, and indeed each moment of our life, is significant. That we are human beings deeply connected to each other on a level much more profound than all the techno gadgets we have invented to blast out our every thought to an anonymous world, and that if we take the time to appreciate and reflect on our lives and remember that we are the living, breathing part of thousands of years of human history –  then we realise that our lives now will be the myths of tomorrow and that perhaps doing something heroic or taking the time to dream is not such a bad thing after all!

Thanks Angela for the time you shared with us, Good luck for your career. Stay TweetTuned.

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